Professional Lectures

Raman Mehrzad is a highly sought-after professional speaker lectures on a regular basis for schools and companies. After his success with his first released book, Raman was featured on Swedish news, TV and radio shows. Soon thereafter he started giving professional and motivational lectures to students, teachers, schools and companies. He later expanded his business to the US.

His lectures are highly inspirational and contain the most essential guidelines on how to succeed in school and become a straight A student. The goal is to stress the importance of education and make students understand the genuine value of school and education. His lectures usually thrives students to become natural top performers in school.

Common topics that are brought up in each lecture:

  • Grades – why good grades makes a difference and how to achieve them
  • Motivation – how to motivate yourself to do things you don’t want
  • Attitude – what the correct and essential attitude towards school is and how to get it!
  • Planning and prioritizing – the correct and best planning system for students
  • Teachers – how to properly handle different teachers
  • Classmates – how to benefit from your classmates in an optimal way
  • To never settle for less – essential advice on how to always stay hungry
  • Study techniques – The best and most effect study techniques in different subjects of school.

For more info and booking, please contact Raman here.